Like Minded...

As we stumble along, we make friends and acquaintances. Modern technology keeps us in touch, yet those we may have met years ago, (including those who never made it to social media), are still influencing what we do today. Each individual listed below (and there are many more besides those mentioned) have each helped shaped my desire for architecture and passion for exploring everything life has to offer.
Lesley Price
LAP Conseration Architects &
Price Properties Ltd

Lesley and her husband Reg are amazing... from humble beginnings and hard slog converting a family home in London they have made Cornwall their home and now have three substantial projects that have helped to save some of Cornwall's most important heritage. The conservation work Lesley undertakes can be frustrating; blending modern day concepts with the safeguarding of ancient craftmanship. She gets it done gently and carefully and is an inspiration to many having recently won the Cornwall Trust & RIBA Award in Excellence for her work at  Holman Park

Peter Lapin.jpg
Peter Lapin


Consulting Engineer

CAD Civils​Truro

Peter is one of those chaps that loves a challenge. As the consultant structural engineer he took on the renovations and complete roof replacement at Zawn Haven; a project that had others hiding under their desk! Peter's 'matter of fact' approach and dry sense of humour helped the client achieve the most stunning results with the greatest sense of structural safety and future proofing. Peter has travelled extensively and this has widened his knowledge of structures. Indeed, he is almost too modest about his achievements and his work with CAD Architects in Truro.

Ali Cary
Alison Cary
Director & Owner
Cotton Mills Truro

Ali is passionate about fabrics and has an amazing knowledge of interior design and decoration. Her enthusiasm for her profession is infectious and her love of all things beautiful makes her the perfect person to ask when sourcing the unusual or indescribable! Ali also loves the water and country life, travelling and sunshine which we definitely have in common! HOUZZ have awarded their best in Service and Design for the last few years. Handling anything from a small personal project to full hotel refurbishment, pricing will varies massively and depends entirely on the task at hand. Cotton Mills do offer free quotations and are perfectly at home working to a budget when required.

Martha Saavedra

Director & Owner 

Home on Riviera, Nice


Julzs worked with Matha in Nice, France, selling real estate during a period of five years. Martha continues to run a successful property sales business in Nice and is based in a office close to promenade just next to the incredible Negresco Hotel. Together they worked with clients searching for million euro villas and apartments; some were of extreme contemporary design built on the edge of one of the steep corniche' that ran across the Cote d'Azur and others of the baroque and renaissance era that sat in prime locations with amazing views. Bourgeouis and art deco apartments were found for discerning clients. Martha is admired for her professional ethics, determination and energy. She is still dancing salsa and swimming daily in the Mediterranean sea fitting in a run before breakfast!

Steve Hitch

Architect, Plymouth


Steve Hitch ran his own practice in Plymouth in the early 90s and managed some large projects for the likes of Midas Construction amongst others. The early days of CAD design and the time a design would take to render in the programme are memorable to Julzs. Acting as PA, the administrative side of architecture was learnt in a jovial and relaxed, but busy practice. Steve had a way to rally the troops and meet deadlines for project competitions. Professional as always, Steve Hitch was clear in presenting his ideas with enthusiasm and gusto. 

Michael Newman


Antiique Auctioneer & Valuer



Michael Newman Antique Auctioneer was always sporting a buttonhole – either a carnation or a rose – a pocket handkerchief, bow tie and often a panama hat and Julzs had the pleasure of working for him back in 1983 when he ran his business in Plymouth. No longer with us, passing at the grand age of 80 in 2016 he is well remembered for his television and radio and appearances as an expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. He also appeared in his own BBC South West television series of Antiques at Home. Most importantly, Michael was the one who started the property bug for Julz at the age of 18 due to helping him with his work as an independent valuer and arbitrator where the value of property was discovered!

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