Small site; big plans - ARC230

Updated: May 7, 2020

The second year of RIBA1 Architecture at Falmouth University has provided a number of challenges, not least in the steepness of the learning curve and the requirement to expand hand drawing into more detailed CAD skills.

Our first task in groups of four was to produce a site model at 1:200. Fortunately, the odds are that each group included an individual who was rather handy with either Vectorworks or Revit - two of the three key programmes used for BIM (building intelligence modelling). Niya (fellow student) had, by the following morning, created a file that we could take to the milling room This early kick start gave all in the group a little more thinking time for the concepts and form model....

Falmouth Docks Station Car Park remarkably sees over 60,000 train users each year!

For the last module of the year ARC230, I have tried a few new drawing techniques. Regrettably, still not achieving a consistent style. The test of colours and medium will help with setting up for the third year. These helped to analysis the conditions affecting the site and design:

The history of the area has been fascinating to examine too. Apart from numerous images of the railway station there was also the discovery of this fabulous map from the Royal Collections Trust:

After some rough sketching for ARC230 the first from model on a grey foam milled site model was made and mistakes identified!

Sketch of two level building
First concept for 8 apartments and a communal activity space

List of rooms and sizes in graphic for
Graphic representation of the client's spacial requirements from the brief

Sketch of room spaces
Attempting to make square spaces in a square apartment!

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