Multi Use Space - ARC230

Updated: May 7, 2020

Looking at the way we age and live in our homes made me recognise that each space must have more than one use so that it can adapt its purpose during our changing lives.

The eight apartments in project ARC230 (Architecture, Part 1 RIBA, Falmouth University) start to take shape...

To create as much space as possible within the square metres of each apartment, the roof shape became really important. Focusing on the local housing which had mono-pitch roofs and the docks buildings shown here, the idea came to use the height of the 20 degree pitch of the roof not only to capture rays for solar energy but also for light penetration, double height interiors and a mezzanine accommodation level.

Prior to the pool idea, add on accommodation for students was planned on the ground floor. This space was now changing rooms, so it was important to think of optimising other areas of the site. The apartments where designed so that the mezzanine floor could be accessed without disturbing the resident on the ground level of the apartment.

Of course, ageing means less mobility and getting to first floor accommodation, regardless of whether or not it was on one level when inside was an issue. Due to height, number and type of occupants, building regulations and fire regulations directed that there should be two exits from the first floor 'street'. I started to look at options and decided a large feature staircase looking through the Ocean View gardens on the south side and a glass lift on the north side would be the most efficient access points. They would look something like:

A really bad sketch, but I knew what I was after...

At each stage it was important to remind myself of the purpose of the building:

And also to visualise how it might work... this Photoshop'ed image helped to see that the hobby activity idea really wasn't strong enough to pull a community together. It also provided an insight into the dominance of the Marina Apartments building... more trees required! See the next blog for the next episode of the project.

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