In a Quarry!

It's not enough to finish a degree in Architecture... the Masters is the next stage and its natural that I should want to continue learning immediately whilst also looking for work.

The first project (ARC720) takes us to Carnsew Quarry and the dilemma of population growth, limited land availability, the repurposing of contaminated landscapes and the fascinating subject of stone.

Using the power of point cloud data downloaded from Lidar information via Digimaps, Autodesk RECAP helps to assess the levels and contours of the quarry face.

Assessing the sun path and wind patterns aids the choice of location for a pinnacle building, cafe and store. Access to the site and the influence of locally available materials all add to the decision making process for finding the optimum build site and type of design suitable.

Tourism and housing are important considerations, as are the existing strategic plans for Cornwall's development.

The initial sketches are far from the finished design but help to illuminate ideas... Now I am in a quarry!

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