Finalising the Details - ARC230

It's been a long hard journey working with CAD programmes on this project (ARC230 - second year Architecture, Falmouth University). Vectorworks 2020 has provided a number of challenges and I am still not sure which buttons do what to make the images I have created in 2D and 3D. There have been numerous crashes (well over 25 re-saved files) and a whole lot of bad language, but finally I think I have something worth presenting (albeit not perfect)...

This image is a cut perspective mixing Vectorworks and Photoshop. The resolution is a bit rough, but overall it conveys the idea with the pool central to the concept.

Above is a sequence of plans to illustrate the levels and below are some of the 3D projections. It took a while to find the button that would lighten the colours...!

Certainly there are mistakes although it feels like I have worked on this every day since the brief was first handed to us nearly three months ago. It's difficult to say at this point if I think its worth it. One thing is certain; there are a lot of things I would do differently if I did it again in terms of planning the production of drawings, but the design, for me, fits into a space that should never really have become what it is... I see Falmouth Docks Station as a possible future gateway to a leisure area that could easily expand into the adjacent land of the docks, especially if the world changes and the repair of luxury yachts becomes less lucrative!

Ultimately, if the buildings around the station could be re-planned anew and this was seen as the main station for Falmouth and a shore edge walk to the centre, we Architects could have achieved something quite important. For the moment, many lucky students get to live in a fabulous location and hopefully the neighbourhood is growing accustomed to its new diversity across the age gaps.

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