ARC310 - Beginning the Home Run!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

September 2020 and the third year of BA(Hons) Architecture RIBA Part 1 at Falmouth University begins.

ARC310 is all about the device! A contraption that will extract the natural elements of a site chosen individually. The task is to focus on one of five senses; taste, smell, sight, sound and touch.

The brief was to find a coastal related site on which to construct an inhabited space that lay within five miles walking distance of the centre of Falmouth (or wherever we happened to be in these COVID19 times).

I considered many options, and it's possible I've cheated a little with my choice of site; but the fact that the plot had recently failed to acquire planning permission, was previously South West Water land with certain remains of things that had been, as well as laying in clear view of both Pendennis Point, Pennance Point, Rosemullion Headland and beyond to St Antony's Head to the East and the Lizard to the West, fascinated me enormously.

My first sketch looking from Pennance Point (which was high on my shortlist) helped to see the relationship with the coast and the town behind. I then drew the site looking to the west.

Site analysis became very interesting. I wrote to the owners to ask permission to carry out experiments. I wrote to South West Water to ask about various features on the land (which I will detail in a later blog) and I researched the historical issues regarding right of easement.

The site faces due south and in front the South West Coast path passes where only the heads of the runners and walkers can be seen from the site. The edge of the path has an area where bushes have been erroded as people stopped to climb to the edge of the cliff to take a better view from what is known as Swanpool Point.

Already the relationship of the sea and land was starting to take shape....

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