A small structural feature or a giant architectural challenge? The staircase

So deadline day has arrived and project report (RIBA stage 1, year 1 Architecture) is in! I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the structures project to study a classic precedent by such an interesting architect; Carlo Scarpa as well as working on a new staircase design in granite.

I am lucky enough to have been involved with a project at Holman ParkThe Renaissance of Rosewarne House which is almost entirely constructed of granite and has a number of superb staircases. The approach to the front porch is a large granite staircase and in the grand hall a helical timber staircase that was possibly created with the boat building skills of Cornish workers. A new steel spiral staircase now acts a a fire escape and a restored French cast iron spiral staircase is hidden behind the orangery leading to private quarters.

Every building with more than one floor has some type of staircase. Building these elements are not menial tasks and some take great engineering skills that have been developed thorough the drive of great Architects.

Without my little ‘Architect’s Pocket Book‘ by Hetreed, Ross and Baden-Powell, I would be even more in the dark about building design. Structural Engineers also have this little book, but the interpretation and application is down to the individuals and that is a skill in itself.

I have learnt about loadings, about the Planning Portal (interactive house pictured above), Building Regulations Approved Documents, and the detail required to specify the construction of one of the most important parts of a building: the staircase.

And my work is complete…. albeit not perfected – yet!

In the words of Einstein…

And that’s how we get through it!! Next project… bring it on!

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